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Post by Darklight on Sun Sep 27, 2015 2:53 pm

Dear Reader,

Here i'll explain how you can get Vip, moderator-1, moderator-2, admin and owner. There are no exceptions!

You'll become automatic vip if you played 1 d (rank time) in -Hawk- Shotgun / -Hawk- Aim.
You'll become automatic vip if you played 5 h (rank time) in -Hawk- Minecraft.

You can try to become Moderator-1 in all Servers with a Application. Application for Moderator -> " http://hawk-cs2d.forumieren.com/t1-application-form-for-moderator "

You can't make a application for Moderator-2. I'll decide when you're ready for a promotion to Moderator-2, so don't ask me:"can you give me Moderator-2 ? " / "When i'm ready for Moderator-2? ".

Of course, you can't make a application for this rank. I'll decide who get the rank Admin, but currently i don't need more admins !

No one will become the rank Owner, only me (Darklight).
-Hawk- Owner
-Hawk- Owner

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