Application Form for Moderator

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Application Form for Moderator

Post by Darklight on Mon Sep 14, 2015 1:48 pm

Dear Readers,

As the hoster of the servers i'm looking for server Moderators. I'd like to have a loyal and trustworthy team that is also active. If you think you're all that you're very welcome to make here a Application.

Application Form:

[Introduction of your Application]

Your Nickname:

Your Usgn-ID:

Your Usgn-Name:

Your Age:

Your Clan:

Your Country:

Which languages can you speak?:

positive and negative aspects about yourself:

Tell us something about yourself:

Why do you want to become Moderator?:

Have you Moderator experience, if yes where?:

[Your last words]
-Hawk- Owner
-Hawk- Owner

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