-Hawk- Patch Note v2

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-Hawk- Patch Note v2

Post by Darklight on Wed Oct 07, 2015 9:56 pm

Dear readers,

Hello and welcome to the Patch Note v2 of the 07.10.2015

-Hawk- Server News:

-The script on !minecraft! have little updates/fixes. The Auto-Vip is still sometimes buggy. If you have 5 hours play time and you don't become Vip then speak with a admin / co-admin or write a thread with a proof on http://hawk-cs2d.forumieren.com/f6-hawk-minecraft.

-Hawk- Forum News:

- New rank icons.
- New ranks. The currently ranks on the forum are: Forum Member -> -Hawk- Server Moderator -> -Hawk- Admin -> -Hawk- Owner.
- New information thread. http://hawk-cs2d.forumieren.com/t43-ranks-promotion.

-Hawk- News:

- Memories have now the power to accept/reject applications.

Please dont forget to check out the Forum/Servers rules, by clicking here.

Thanks for taking the time to read this Patch Note,
-Hawk- Administrators.
-Hawk- Owner
-Hawk- Owner

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